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Termite Control

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Termite Control Termite Control

1.    Anti-termites soil treatment
The job involves building an anti-termites barrier immediately underneath the building structure as a protection against damage caused by subterranean termites at the area of ground floor slab, apron, ground beam and pile cap.
2.    Anti-termite post treatment
The treatment will provide an anti-termites barrier under all walls/ground beams. Which are main entry points of subterranean termite used to penetrate into building.
  1. Hole of about 18mm diameter 20-24 inch intervals to be drilled into floor on BOTH Sides walls of all concrete/brick walls around the concrete pillars. All holes to be drilled about 6’ away from the walls and right through to penetrate the concrete floor slab to reach the soil. All holes will penetrate the concrete slab to a depth of 1-2 feet.
  2. Anti-termites chemical will introduced into soil through the holes drilled mean of pressurized pipes.
  3. All holes will then seal with cement or bitumen immediately after chemical has been introduced.
3.    Anti-termite roof truss timber treatment
Spray one layer of termitecide to protect the existing timber roof truss.

4.    Exterminex Termites Baiting System (Australia)
Termite bait is usually a luring interceptors like material containing the active ingredient that kills termites. The bait is kept inside a plastic bait station. As termites feed on the bait, the active ingredient gets into their bodies. The active ingredient is spread through the colony as the termites feed each other. As more worker feed on the bait, more active ingredient gets into the colony. Eventually the amount of active ingredient in each termite increases until it kills them and the colony dies or is reduced.

Termites baiting stations are installed directed over shelter tubes or infested wood so that termites can begin to feed immediately on the bait. The contractor will inspect the treated area bi-weekly for the first three months and subsequently tri-monthly.

Advantages/Disadvantages of termites bait system
  • Very small amount of active ingredient per treatment (less than an ounce)
  • Baits are inside bait station, hard for children or pets to get to them
  • Active ingredient does not get into soil or water
  • No odor
  • No large holes drilled through walls or floors
  • No chemicals left in soil after treatment is finished
  • Colony is completely eliminated in many cases
  • Several weeks to several months needed to take effect, sometimes more than a year
  • No chemical residues left after treatment to protect from further infestations
  • Works only if termites find and eat the bait
  • Can be more expensive than liquid termiticides
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